Roni's Journal

Thursday, 30 November 2000

Oh yeah

Went to the Academy, but the piano lesson got cancelled. Oh well. Waited for the composition lesson, and wrote a poem in hebrew.

The lesson went ok.

Saw Marina, sat there for a while, finishing the poem, and went home.

Talked to Galya till 3 am. Finally, everything is ok. Well, not everything. Haven't discussed what there really is to discuss, but, still.

Wednesday, 29 November 2000

Woke up midday. Same as yesterday - practiced piano and composed.

Same as yesterday - waited till late for God knows what, and went to sleep, still upset. A bit scared of what I'm starting to feel.

Tuesday, 28 November 2000

Had a dream:

Galya, Ira and I were out together. The place...hmm. Something reminding Petah-Tiqwa, where I lived my first 6 years in Israel. We were walking and talking and laughing. Galya and I were hugging, and Ira was walking by.

I don't remember exactly what was said, but Galya and I had a misunderstanding, and she stood there looking at me angrily. I took Ira's hand and walked away. Galya caught up with us and hung on my other shoulder. Then Ira ran over to the other side - to Galya's other side - and took her hand, and we walked for a while.

Then there was something about a shop, which we sort of wanted to go into, but didn't I think. I was behaving like a child, jumping around. Hehe. Then Ira asked what time it was, and it turned out to be past midnight. She was prepared to panic, because she has had to be home before 11 pm or something, and then Galya diverted our attention with an idea to go play basketball. After some friendly, funny arguing we all agreed.

The next scene I remember - we're in the bus already, going somewhere. Galya and I started kissing. Don't know where Ira was sitting, coz I don't remember seeing her in the bus, but I wasn't looking either. I remember some people sitting behind us and me thinking about what they were thinking about our kissing.

Then it got more...serious..!

Don't remember anything else, though I'm sure there was.

Woke up at 7:40 am, and got up.

Did nothing all day, except practiced piano a bit and wrote a new piece, influenced by Mozart's Sonata No. 1.

Also, spent a lot of time thinking about yesterday, about the future.

Went for a walk with mum. - Cold outside, snowing, hard to live on knowing..

Went to sleep at around 00:30, for obvious reasons. Now clearly unjustified.

Monday, 27 November 2000

Oh no

I woke up in the middle of the night remembering a dream, quite blurry. A bad one. I remember fighting with Galya; don't remember the exact cause of the fight, but remember the point..

Then tried sleeping some more, and fell asleep.

Woke up at 9 with a headache. Pain in throat, hurts to talk.

Worked on solfedge and composition, then showed mum some French, and went to the Academy.

At 16:00 had a composition lesson, which didn't go particularly well, I was disappointed with the teacher's reaction.

Practiced piano for an hour.

Then saw Marina, that's good - she's fine. Didn't talk to her - just a 'hi how are you' type of thing, and went to solfedge. It didn't go too bad, but not any better than the composition. I was, again, ...

Practiced piano for another hour, and went home.

Vocal chords hurt, yucks.. Too much recording yesterday.

Went to sleep at 22:30. Several minutes later my mobile rang with a message - from Galya. Sweet. I decided to go online, talk to her. I needed it.

But, ..

Went to sleep at 1 am.

Sunday, 26 November 2000

Recording... Dad's back

Woke up at 9, and started work on my song 'Ира'. Worked till noon on the music - fine tuning all the effects. Then started recording the vocals. Finished all the 8 verses at 21:00. Chorus left to record.

Went to sleep. Several minutes later dad came home from the airport - he was in Germany.

Several minutes later, received a message from Galya on my mobile. Got up and went online. Went to sleep after midnight, when got cut off from the net and came back just to find that Galya left like that.

Then received 2 'good night' messages from her on the mobile.

Saturday, 25 November 2000

Woke up just before 4 am. Got up and started writing music. Wrote a whole new piece for piano, maybe a future Sonata. Worked till 9 am, when mum woke up, and did more later.

At 3 pm went to the Academy, with my violin. Had a composition lesson. It went very well, though I wasn't very good at playing today. I played the violin piece too. The teacher was impressed.

I looked for Marina, but she wasn't there. So I practiced piano for about an hour. Looked for Marina again. Didn't find her. Got me a bit worried. Will see on Monday. If not, will go to her place to see if she's ok.

On the way home received a message from Galya. Coolness. :)

Went to sleep at 20:45.

Friday, 24 November 2000

7 months with Galya

Hoped to sleep till 9 am, but woke up soon after 4. Lay down for some time thinking about some music, then got up and wrote it down. Worked on some compositions, and backed up my Four Pieces for Piano in the computer.

Mum woke up towards 10, I played piano for a bit, and then listened to some Beethoven - worked a bit on the Mus. Forms homework.

Went to the lesson at 15:30, was there at 16:15 till 17:45. While going back in the car, received a message from Oli, very cool. Then received a message from Galya, very sweet; cheered me up a bit - I was feeling good anyway, so the message brought me some pleasure.

Went to the Academy to practice. Saw Marina as came in. Decided not to stay, and went home.

Mum and I did some shopping. In the chocolate section I found the same chocolate bar that I buy in the airport when leaving Israel - Swiss. That was such a sweet surprise!!

Went to sleep at 21:00.

Thursday, 23 November 2000

Woke up before 6 am, i.e. got around 2 hours of sleep, an hour of which I dreamt about listening to Mozart. When I really woke up, I realised it wasn't Mozart I was listening to, but some yet unwritten music. Dad left to Düsseldorf at 7 am, and I got up.

Practiced Mozart - exam today, and did some composition work. Then went to the Academy. The driver was a bit late, but didn't turn out to be a problem.

I arrived at 12:30. Practiced Mozart for half an hour and then had my piano exam. I played Mozart's K. 332 - Sonata No. 12 in F major. Didn't make mistakes, and generally it went well. I was slightly nervous. Unlike me. Hmm.

Then a composition lesson. It went very well. We discussed a lot of things. My C. 3 No. 2 seems almost finished. Maybe 2 more lessons on it and that's it.

Saw my voice teacher. Bad news. Oh well.

I waited for a classroom, and hoped to see Marina. But there was no classroom, and Marina wasn't there. I thought she might be ill or something, decided to eat out at KFC, and come back see if she's there, and if not - visit her place, make sure everything's alright.

On the way to KFC I met Marina - she noticed me. It was really cold, snow and ice everywhere, and we were both wrapped up to the neck. We exchanged a few words, and she went; I didn't go to KFC, straight to metro and home.

The walk home was really really cold, 20 minutes..

Found out Galya has passed her Driving Theory Test. Great news.. Received a message from her, hope she's fine. I love her.

Galya, I love you!

Went to sleep at around 19:30.

Wednesday, 22 November 2000

Got around 3 hours of sleep, if that at all, and got up at 6 am.

Dad left to some place out of town at 7, and mum woke up. We talked till 9, then I did some composing.

Went to sleep at around 11, because mum didn't wake up yet. Woke up at 6 pm.

Practiced piano for about half an hour, then dad came home and we had some food.

I practiced violin for an hour, and started composing. Wrote 4 bars of something for a chorus, but will probably not use it for anything, or will rewrite them. Then worked on C. 3 No. 2 for a long time, until it seemed finished.

Right then Oli came online - for the first time in about 2 months. So we chatted for an hour or so, which was really cool.

I went to sleep at around 4 am.

Tuesday, 21 November 2000

A simple 'no'

Woke up several times, and finally got up at 1 pm. Mum and dad dropped me at the metro station, I went to my teacher's house, had a voice lesson. Went through Old Arbat Street and KFC to the Academy to practice. Saw Marina when came in - a few words.. Decided not to stay, went back by metro.

While going out of the metro station, I put on my scarf, and then the coat round it, so that it doesn't keep flying off; then closed the coat's zip. Put on my gloves, and then my hat, and was outside.

It started snowing. Very lightly... The snow melted immediately when touched the ground, so there was no real snow on the way, only flakes coming down from the skies.

I was wearing my low shoes, and it's not that good in such weather. It's better when I'm wearing my high shoes, since they're plastic on the outside, and don't let water through as easily. But there I was. So I walked carefully, so as not to step in a puddle.

It was cold. Colder than usual. But I didn't feel cold except on my face. I held my hands closed so that the inside of the outside of my gloves stays warm, and then I put them on my face to warm it up once in a while, and then again.

I walked on the left side of the street, and kept thinking.

A man walking in front of me threw a finished cigarette aside, on the pavement. I felt like giving him a punch in the face... But didn't, and walked by.

I walked, and thought... Walked for 5 minutes or so, then wanted to cross the road over to the right-hand side. I waited for a bit while there were no cars on the left and crossed to the middle - where the tram rails are. I walked along the rails for some time, waiting for the cars on the right to pass by, but there were just so many of them.

Then behind me, a tram was coming.. On the left there were cars by now.

I kept walking forward for a bit..

Then there were no more cars on the left, and I crossed back, and continued walking.

Another few minutes, and finally, no cars. I crossed the road.

Then there was a traffic light. It was red to the cars, but they kept on going; I crossed in between them, while there was a small local jam.

On the way, a woman was walking next to her what seemed like a 4-year-old girl. She was walking a bit ahead of her mother, and kept telling her to hurry up. I walked by.

Turned right at the second traffic light, after crossing the street.

About 200 metres down the road, I popped into a shop. When I found out the price, and came to stand in the queue, a woman jumped out of nowhere and said "excuse me, I was just here, just checked the price" - pushing me aside. I replied "woman, I'm just paying my 15 rubles, ok?"; then she saw my face. Didn't argue.

I paid and got my Magnum ice cream.

Opened it when came out of the shop, and started 'eating' it.

Turned left after another building, and was home in 3 minutes.

Then I finished my ice cream.

Practiced violin for an hour, then piano, then violin for another hour, then it was 10 pm.

No support from parents.

I really needed to talk to someone.

Thanks to Lena (Matrix) for being there.

Monday, 20 November 2000

Towards the morning I started composing, then mum came into my room, feeling quite bad. Dad kept waking her up with his noisy sleep, and she hadn't had a good night's sleep for ages now... I switched off the PC and went to a different room, hoping she'd get some sleep in my room. But she came back.

I sat in that chair there for about half an hour, composing in my head.

Soon I went back to my room and continued my work on C. 3 No. 2, which seemed finished, before that Thursday's composition lesson. Well, by 8:30 am it seemed more finished.

I spent some time downloading music from the net and worked on my solfedge homework.

Then went to a composition lesson. It went ok. The teacher liked my new work.

I spent an hour practicing piano, and then had solfedge. It went ok, too.

Then I saw Marina, talked to her for a few minutes, and went home.

Waited for Galya to come online for some time, and went to sleep.

Sunday, 19 November 2000


Slept in the morning...

Slept through lunch time...

Slept even through dinner time...

Woke up at 19:00. Good morning.

Practiced piano for quite long, then Galya came online. Coolness. Told me interesting news about her; I hope she's making the right choices.

She left at about 21:20, and 5 minutes later I went to practice violin. I haven't practiced violin for almost 5 days now... Well, practiced till 22:05. I'm getting better at changing to 3rd position now. G major sounds almost perfect, and D major is getting there. A minor and D minor are beginning to sounds nice.

Then I spent loads of time online.

November the 20th came very soon..

Saturday, 18 November 2000

Stubborn Marina

Woke up in 5 hours - at 1 pm. Couldn't wake up, really, but had to.

Hurried up, and went to the Academy. Had a voice lesson. It went well. Talked to the teacher about paying him for lessons. Will discuss it further on Tuesday at his place.

Then saw my composition teacher. We didn't have a lesson, as I hadn't had time to write down any new material that I composed in my head.

I took at classroom key and practiced piano for an hour. Saw Marina. She got a classroom too, and practiced.

I went to KFC and came back. Bought a mars bar on the way.

Got another key and practiced for about 4 hours. Popped into Marina's classroom once in a while... Gave her the mars by the way. Then, just before I left, I played her my Piano Concerto and then one of my latest songs. She really liked it. Cool!

Then I left. Phoned mum beforehand.

She met me at the metro station, and we walked home.

Ira came online in the evening, and we talked for half an hour. Haven't talked to her in weeks! Everything is cool.

Waited for Galya till 1 am, then went to sleep.

Friday, 17 November 2000

A short long day...

I woke up quite happy at 10 am, and was at the Academy by noon.

The piano teacher listened to me play Mozart's Sonata, and said the exam will be next Thursday or Friday, she was quite satisfied with the way I played it.

Afterwards - Music History lesson. We watched a video - one of the first operas of humanity - "Coronation of Poppea", written by Monteverdi in 1642. I don't think I ever saw an opera before. It was fun and educational. And stimulating. (Musically!)

Afterwards, Misha and I walked to Old Arbat street, where I headed off to KFC, had lunch and came back to the Academy's entrance, where my parents had been waiting already. They dropped me off at my 'Forms' teacher's house; on the way I received a message on my mobile phone - from Galya - so sweet!! I had a lesson. I enjoyed it! We talked about the musical Theme and Motive.

Mum and dad were already waiting outside in the car. We went to see some people, then shopping, then home. On the way I received another message from Galya - :) !!!

I went online and she was there, so we talked for almost 2 hours, I think. Then she left.

I spent half an hour singing, and came back online. Thought that Galya might come back again. Really needed to talk to her, I mean, something unsaid still, and well... Some Elina started talking to me on ICQ, and we ended up chatting a bit. Then Nina came online. She, for the first time, read a poem (song) of mine, one of my best as it happens, and praised it so much, I was quite surprised. It felt good. Then she read some more. Coolness.

I did some spelling checks on my poems. Found one mistake ('fulfil' - that's how it's spelled)!

Galya didn't come online in the end, and I went to sleep sometime around 2:15.

Lay down for 2 hours, and got up, really upset. Then I felt really bad.

Talked to Sveta a bit, then her sister, Ira, came online, and we talked for several hours. That helped.

At 8 am I went to sleep.

Thursday, 16 November 2000

It didn't help that I was dead tired. I woke up at 4 am, and couldn't fall asleep, and eventually got up at 5:20.

Started practicing Mozart, and did that for several hours. Dad went to work; mum woke up at around 11.

I tuned a few notes on the piano that went down, practiced Mozart a bit, and went to sleep.

Woke up in the evening, at 10 pm, and started working on C. 3 No. 2, and wrote a pretty big culmination phase to it. Then continued working till 5 am, and it seems - finished the piece. Will see what the teacher says.

Went to sleep at 6 am.

Yeah right. Couldn't fall asleep, and got up.

Practiced Mozart for a while, and left at 1 pm.

Had a piano lesson. No test! Yucks. I played quite well. She didn't listen to Bach. Well, fine. I'll learn it better for next time.

Then a composition lesson, which was slightly disappointing, since I wrote a lot of material and much of it won't be used. But hey, that's life.

Afterwards I saw Marina and had a long talk with her, which I'm not going to discuss here, because it's upsetting. But in the end I read to her my last poem and handed it to her. She liked it - said that "it seemed as if it was a real poem". Well, that's her point of view.

I just went straight home.

Talked to Galya for a while, and then again after a few hours.

Went to sleep a bit after midnight.

Tuesday, 14 November 2000

Marina's back

Woke up at 8 am.

Dressed up, wrote down a poem on paper, and went to the rail station. I entered the building right when the train arrived.

Then I saw people coming out of an exit, and went to wait there. After 5 minutes I asked one of the guys there whether it's the train from Harkov. Turned out I wasn't waiting in the right place. By the time I got to the right place, Marina had probably came out already, because I hadn't met her. Waited for about 15 minutes, and went to the Academy alone.

Spent some 5 hours practicing piano, then came out and met Marina there. She didn't look particularly enthusiastic to see me. Just a general 'hello, what's up'. And she had to go to a lesson, Psychology or something... So it was only 3 questions from me about how she was and stuff and that's it.


Then I walked through Old Arbat, through KFC to my teacher's house.

Spent some half an hour chatting to his wife, while he had a lesson with another student. Then had my lesson. It went very well. The teacher was surprised, more than usually. He hadn't expected such progress from me, from anyone, in such short time. Even his wife commented on this after the lesson.

Unfortunately, my teacher has some problems with time, and told me that I might be getting a different teacher for a while. And that my piano teacher (also the Dean of Internation students) will speak to me. I will fight for this teacher till my last.

Anyway, I walked back to the Academy, hoping I might see Marina, or maybe hoping I won't.

There she was, standing at the entrance, with some guy. I was in shock... I stood there for like 5 seconds, before started to move forward. Either she didn't notice me, or decided it wasn't the best time to say hello - she was standing some 5 metres to the right of the entrance, facing away from it and slightly away from where I was.

So I walked through the door.

Saw my composition teacher, said hello, and ran upstairs. There was no room available, so I went downstairs. Looked out of the door... Guess what, Marina wasn't there anymore.

So I decided to catch her up. Wanted to see if the guy's still with her, or what.

So I walked fast in the direction of the metro station she goes home from... Caught up with her, and walked some 20 metres behind for a minute or two. She was with the guy still. He wears glasses too!

Afterwards I entered the metro station (while she stopped at talked to him), and I went down to the platform.

Missed a train on purpose, and then saw her coming down with him. So I went into the platform, and came out again and didn't see her anymore. So I checked the other platform (the one where she goes from), and she wasn't there. Went back to my platform, and she was just going out through a different exit. And then she (with him) went back up the stairs - out of the station.

Either she was saying goodbye to somebody who was walking with them whom I didn't notice. Or she checked where I was, because surely she saw me while I walked past them into the station.

But there she was, going back out, and as she passed me, I realised it wasn't her. The dress was exactly the one Marina wears, and the hair - the same length - and arranged the same as Marina had during the afternoon. But the face was different. And looking at her as she was walking out, I noticed that the hair wasn't 100% straight - slightly curly - not like Marina has.

This was extremely strange. I still wasn't sure it wasn't her. But surely it wasn't - if she passed 5 metres from me and didn't even look at me - surely it wasn't her?

I wanted to go back after them. I really wanted to make sure it wasn't her. I so much hoped it wasn't, for - not noticing me is the worst thing one can do to me. I hesitated. And stayed. Took the train home. Walked home from the station.

Not going to the Academy tomorrow.

I don't want to make Marina feel as though she doesn't have a minute of her own, because that's what she'll feel if I spend a lot of time with her on the very first days since she came back.

So, I'm not going to do a thing for a while. Or for a long while. Or...


Practiced piano at home for an hour, then violin for an hour, then went to sleep at 22:20.

Monday, 13 November 2000

And woke up at 6 am. Practiced Bach till 10 am, and did a bit of solfedge. Mum woke up, and we talked for a bit.

Then I practiced more Bach and some Mozart, and afterwards worked on my composition.

Composition 3 No. 1 - my first work while in the Academy of Gnesin - which includes 4 piano pieces - is complete. Currently I am working on Composition 3 No. 2, which is a standalone piano piece.

I had a composition lesson today. We talked a lot about C. 3 No. 2, it's at its critical development stage - the final climax. We discussed it for almost an hour, even though there wasn't too much new to show today.

Afterwards, I practiced Mozart (Sonata No. 11 - which is to be examined on Thursday, most likely), and Bach (Violin Concerto No. 1), and went to solfedge.

The teacher gave me a sheet with work to do for next Monday - and left - she has a concert.

I went home.

Marina might be arriving tomorrow morning. I'm going to go to the rail station, in case she is arriving - to meet her.

Practiced violin till 9 pm, and went to sleep.

Sunday, 12 November 2000

Mum's back

Woke up at 4 am, and went with dad to the airport. It started snowing on the way. Quite strongly..!

Met mum there, and came home.

Mum was really tired and went to sleep. Dad too.

I stayed up, practiced piano, and did my solfedge homework, and practiced more piano (using headphones, of course).

Mum woke up after 10. We had breakfast and talked. Talked... Talked... Dad woke up and went to work. We talked... Talked a lot. Mum listened to my new song, some of my new compositions and read my new poems. Cool. Then we talked some more, until dad came home. They went together to buy a cover for the bed.

I practiced singing, then piano, then they came home.

I continued practicing piano. Then at 7 pm practiced violin.

Went to sleep at around 21:30.

Saturday, 11 November 2000

Went to sleep in the morning and woke up at 13:00, and went to the Academy. Was a bit late because of driver.

Had a voice lesson, and then a composition lesson. Both went pretty well.

Practiced piano until dad came to meet me. We went to the office.

I phoned Galya, we talked for 20 minutes or so.

Talked to mum - she's coming home!

Friday, 10 November 2000

Woke up at 4 am, hmm, 7 hours of sleep in 2 days? Too little, I suppose.

Started practicing the Violin Concerto's accompaniment on my Yamaha. Dad arrived from Kazakhstan soon. He went to sleep.

I practiced till about 8 am, then lay down and fell asleep, and woke up only at 17:00.

I tuned the whole of the piano, practiced a bit more of Bach and went online; Galya was there.

Dad came home very soon, and we went shopping. It snowed today, for real - for the first time.

When we came back, I continued sending a file to Galya, and practiced violin for about an hour.

Then, when wanted to talk to Galya for a bit, she left - went out with friends.

Dad and I watched a concert on TV - today's Day of Russian Militia.

Mum talked to dad today. Said she might not be coming back to Moscow as planned (this Sunday). :(

Thursday, 9 November 2000

Woke up at about 16:00 and went to my voice teacher's house. We had a lesson till 17:00 - during the exercises we got up to G-sharp! The teacher complimented me on the way I sang today.

After the lesson I went to Old Arbat and changed some Dollars to Rubles, and had a meal at KFC.

Then I did some shopping, and came home.

Practiced violin for an hour - I'm getting a better, cleaner sound now. Not satisfactory still though.

I spent half an hour tuning the piano's C strings to my tuning forks - if Marina's to come to my house at all - the piano's gotta be not a millitone lower than standard: higher if necessary. Concert tuning is almost a semitone higher than International tuning, so aiming at at least International tuning is about right, but not lower. The piano was obviously lower before. Now the C's are in place, and I tuned a 1/3 of the two middle octaves as well.

Then it was 22:00 and it was too late to tune any more notes.

I started composing. Composed till 11 am - wrote a whole strings part to my developing Piano Concerto.

The driver was late, he had to change tires to winter ones - it rained a bit during the night, and the temperature today went below 0°C, so the roads were all frozen. Winter's here.

In the end I was only late by 10 minutes, and had to wait anyway, so no big deal.

Had a piano lesson. Not much fun - I didn't practice piano during the last week, and I could feel the effect... The teacher asked me to practice Mozart a lot, so that I can be examined and graded on it, and also so that we can concentrate on Beethoven... Hah! - Right after the lesson I went to the library and (after an hour's wait) got the accompaniment for Bach's Violin Concerto No. 1 in A minor - the one Marina plays. Gonna learn it.

Though, at the beginning of the piano lesson it was a bit fun - we played my new 'Piano Concerto', heh heh, she played the strings part, and I played the piano part (I made photocopies on the way, especially for that). Doesn't sound as good on the piano, as with strings, even computer-generated ones. Anyhow, the teacher gave me a compliment regarding the sound of the composition.

Afterwards, I had a composition lesson. It went quite well. The teacher was satisfied with the work I've done, and was quite impressed with the 'Piano Concerto'. He decided that he won't intervene in my writing of this piece, as - first, there is already a lot there, and if I get too many 'comments' I might get discouraged, and second, because it's much more like what I used to write before, on my own, though he said that he can feel results from our lessons in this composition, and is pleased about that. Great.

I went home.

Prepared myself some chicken, and started tuning the piano. Quite quickly, I tuned the whole of the two middle octaves - this time - perfectly - I've done it, at last. And then I tuned 1 octave from the treble. Sounds amazing. High tuning too, so it's good for tuning the violin by it. I'm pleased.

Thought a lot about Galya today while stuck in traffic (about 3 hours total). Thought about good moments, and about how some bad moments become worse, just because we talk about those little bad moments. Also, thought about how meaningless all that is, comparing with being there and just holding her, and feeling so complete, and like nothing else matters..

Dad phoned. Said he's coming tonight, about 5 pm. Fine.

I decided on the way I'm going to number my composition work. (Every composer does - Mozart put a 'K' with a number, probably stands for 'work' or something in German; Beethoven, and most other popular composers used 'Op' - short for Opus, which means 'work' in latin. I'll use 'C' - short for Composition in English and Сочинение in Russian; quite handy, huh... And clever? :) Nah!)

Well, time to go to bed, 21:00.

Tuesday, 7 November 2000

Concert in the Conservatoire

Woke up at 16:30, dressed up smart and went to the centre. Got down at Tverskaya, 20 minutes walk - it's getting cold - and arrived at the Conservatoire. Bought a ticket for myself, heh - got a place: 2nd row, 2nd column. :)

First they played Mozart's Piano Concerto No. 27 in B flat major (K. 595). The pianist, Nikolay Petrov, was very good.

Then, in the 2nd half, Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 in C minor (Op. 67). That was absolutely fantastic, especially the first movement.

The concert marked 230 years since Beethoven's birth.

After the concert, 20 minutes walk back to the station, then metro, and another 20 minutes walk home. Got home at around 22:00.

Argh! My dad didn't close the freezer in the fridge a few days ago, before he left. So all around the door, ice formed, and the door could not be closed anymore! I spent almost an hour thawing the ice using hot water and a repeatedly heated spoon... Well, it closes now.

I spent a lot of time composing during the night. I think my new piece in C minor might even become a Piano Concerto or a big Sonata - it has grown quite a bit.

In the morning I spent an hour listening to my Music History material, and fell asleep on the couch, while listening.

Monday, 6 November 2000

A walk with Misha

Woke up at 15:30, and spent some time tuning the piano again. This time with good results. Tuned about half of the two middle octaves. Then had to go to solfedge.

Met Misha in the metro on the way, and we went together.

Luckily, there was a lesson; I had suspected there might not have been one because of the holidays. The teacher checked the homework - I got grade 5.

After the lesson Misha and I went to KFC, had some food, and walked to the Conservatoire. Spent some half an hour there looking at upcoming concerts. I decided to go to tomorrow's concert - Mozart and Beethoven.

We walked together to Tverskaya metro station, and I went home.

Spent some time working on my new piece, which may or may not become a Sonata - it's in C minor.

Galya came online soon, and we chatted till late. Were some good moments. I was more relaxed after the conversation than before.

After she left I spent some time downloading classical music from the net, listened to it, and went to sleep.

Sunday, 5 November 2000

Dad left

Dad left to Kazakhstan in the morning, while I was asleep.

I woke up at 7 pm. :( Too late...

Spent about an hour tuning an octave of the piano, trying different things. Not much success...well, some. Will try something different tomorrow. I'm perfecting my piano tuning skills.

Wanted to practice violin, but it was too late in the evening.

I wrote a new duet for 2 violins. Perhaps a 1st movement for the one I wrote several days ago..

Saturday, 4 November 2000

Went to the Academy for a voice lesson at 15:00, and then to the office. I talked to Ira for 5 minutes or so.

Dad and I did some shopping and then came home. A while later, we went for a walk to the office. I talked to Galya for about half an hour. I gathered that she didn't get my ICQ message yet afterwards, pity I didn't say anything over the phone, would have made her feel better, I guess. Hope that is. Would have hoped that is. Anyway, felt slightly disappointed after speaking to her, don't know why, I feel like there's been an "organ-removal-operation" in our relationship, yucky feeling.

We went home.

I practiced violin for about an hour.

Dad went to sleep, so I went online, and talked to Kalich for a while. Will go to sleep soon, I think.

Friday, 3 November 2000

Marina's concert

I couldn't sleep for quite long, but finally fell asleep. Got up at 9 (not enough sleep at all).

Made some coffee, ate some chocolate and started preparing for today's exam. Spent some 2.5 hours doing that, then went to the Academy.

There was no exam. The teacher said she decided to do it in a month's time instead. So we had a Music History lesson. After, I asked Amy to let me copy last lesson's notes. Did that, then went to the Analysis of Music Forms teacher's house and had a lesson. Quite interesting, I must say.

Then I went to Old Arbat and ate some food in KFC. Wrote a poem for Marina while eating - 4 stanzas in AAAA rhyme form. Quite good, if I may say so myself.

Finally, went back to the Academy to a concert in the Great Hall - first time I was there. The concert lasted over 2 hours, and the music, though somewhat modern, was entertaining. Had a lot of feelings to it. Marina played in the 2nd violin section.

After the concert we went together to the station. I handed her my poem, she read it and was so delighted - her mood just went up unbelievably. She became so cheered up and seemed so happy suddenly.

We took the metro to her station and I walked her to her 'home'. Then she walked me back to the station, hehe. I went home.

She's leaving for almost two weeks tomorrow. Well. That's that.

Thursday, 2 November 2000

Marina and me...

Sure did. Met Marina right as came in. We took a room and looked at some music for half an hour, then she had a lesson to go to.

I practiced piano for several hours, then had a piano lesson. It went very well, thank you. :)

Then saw Marina again, she went to another lesson, and I went to composition. It went great.

Afterwards, Marina and I went to KFC and had a meal. Very cool.

We came back and took a room, and - she played violin and I composed - or just talked until 22:00, when my driver picked us up and we went to her home. We walked for half an hour, and parted.

Then I went home (driver).

Galya was online, so we talked. :) Cool.

Need to get some sleep...

Wednesday, 1 November 2000

Back to violin

I woke up at 5 pm. Late, huh... Well, yeah.

I was frustrated with the fact that I really have nothing to wear, coz we don't have a washing mashine, and dad didn't pass my laundry over for washing. So I did it myself. It took about an hour. Yucks.

I prepared some spaghetti for myself.

Then I listened to some of my Music History material - the exam is on Friday, and I read a bit on music theory.

Afterwards, I took out my violin, tuned it, and played for a while, until dad came home.

Then I listened to some more Music History stuff.

I want to get to the Academy early tomorrow, thus I might meet Marina there. So I'm going to sleep. 23:00.