Roni's Journal

Thursday, 28 December 2000

Flight to Israel

Got up early. Mum woke up later, and we studied some french. Then I composed a bit.

Phoned Galya from the office, talked to Ira too.

Went to the Academy. Saw Marina, said goodbye.

Had a short composition lesson - received this semester's grade (5), and gave my teacher a packet of chocolates. He deserves it.

Got books out of the library and went to meet mum and dad.

Bought a packet of blank CDs.

Went to the office. Talked to Galya and Ira. Phoned grandma. And went home.

Played piano. Packed.

Flew to Israel :)

Wednesday, 27 December 2000

Buying presents

Mum and I went to a shopping centre in the centre of Moscow. Very cold outside.

Bought some presents. I'm going to Israel tomorrow.

In the evening talked to Galya and Ira online.

Tuesday, 26 December 2000

Solfedge and harmony exam

In the morning, did some preparation for the assessment in solfedge and harmony, and read about woodwind instruments as preparation for Instruments Study today.

Went to the academy by foot, and metro. The teacher didn't arrive, waited for very long.

Saw Marina and Natasha, talked to Natasha for a few minutes.

Composed some new measures. Then talked to Misha for half an hour, and went to the exam.

It went quick. I did very well. Received my grade and gave my teacher a present - sweets.

Misha and I walked for several hours around Moscow.

Monday, 25 December 2000

Christmas piece done

Woke up at 5 am and composed till 11 am. Mum got up. Practiced violin and worked a bit on the piece for Piano and Violin, which I'm going to name 'Christmas Piece'. Went to the Academy with mum, took the violin with me.

The composition lesson went very well. The teacher was satisfied with most of my work. We worked on the Christmas piece - and played it together. Very cool.

Then mum and I met near a massive shopping centre, and some shopping and looking at stuff.

Bought food and went home.

Talked to Galya for a bit, and mum and I went for a walk.

Studied some French with mum.

Sunday, 24 December 2000

Spent the day at home, did some downloading. Went to sleep early.

Saturday, 23 December 2000

Woke up at 5 am again. Played chess with Kalich. Then worked a bit on my little piece for Piano and Violin.

Practiced violin when mum got up.

Talked to mum for several hours. Then went to sleep.

Woke up in the evening to the sound of Galya coming online. We chatted for an hour, and she went.

I worked on my Solfedge exam homework for several hours, until I finished it.

Friday, 22 December 2000

Composition concert

Woke up at 5 am. Not exactly what I had in mind, but yeah, cool. Fine.
- Morning
- Dad gone to airport
- No driver
- Cold
- Music History - Opera seria
- No driver
- Way to teacher
- Teacher ill
- The wait
- Way back
- Meet mum at KFC
- Dad didn't return mobile
- Before concert
- Concert
- After concert
- Way home
- Oleg
- Ira upset
- Ira better
- Galya not here

Thursday, 21 December 2000

Woke up at 3 am, and worked on my homepage. In the morning worked on the composition, and practiced violin. At 4 pm had a composition lesson which went quite cool. Especially because the pianist who's supposed to play at the concert tomorrow came to show us how far she got. And it was great, listening to your own piece played by someone else!

I went home and practiced violin.

Went to sleep at 5 pm.

Phonecalls woke me up several times around 10 pm..

Wednesday, 20 December 2000

Woke up late afternoon. Didn't go to Instrument Study lesson.

Practiced violin and piano, did some work on my poetry.

Generally, didn't do much till the morning.

When mum woke up, listened to Music History tapes for about 2 hours.

Practiced piano and later violin.

Went to sleep at 5 pm.

Monday, 18 December 2000

Met Natasha

Went to the Academy and had a composition lesson. I had written lots of stuff, but it turned out that most of it isn't really that interesting material.

Afterwards I walked round the Academy till found Marina. Then practiced piano for half an hour, and went back to the hall.

Met a girl - Natasha, but didn't talk to her for more than 2 minutes.

Talked to Marina a bit and went to the metro station with Misha, and then home.

Practiced violin for an hour, played the Bach Concerto in A minor and Mozart's K.525 (Serenade No. 13 in G major, 'Eine kliene Nachtmusik').

Talked to Galya. She seemed quite happy today. I wasn't particularly cheerful, but tried not to influence Galya's mood; plus she has an exam tomorrow. Well, she surely cheered me up slightly. :)

Downloaded Rachmaninoff's Prelude Op. 23 No. 9 (E-flat minor). Gotta get the music and learn it, I like it.

Sunday, 17 December 2000

Concert in the Conservatoire

Woke up late, not too long before mum and I left for the concert. It was in the Conservatoire of Tchaikovsky. The program included Mozart, Wagner, Dvorak and Liszt. It was fine. The seats didn't turn out to be that bad.

Mum and I walked up Tverskaya street up to Pushkin station, and went home.

Late at night I worked on my sheet music, and completed the four piano pieces. Then composed till morning, and went to sleep.

Saturday, 16 December 2000

The driver didn't arrive because he was meeting dad at the airport, and dad's flight didn't arrive on time, so I had to get ready quickly after I woke up 20 minutes to 3 pm. Was 15 minutes late, but the teacher arrived even later..

Had a short composition lesson and went home.

Talked to Galya, practiced violin for an hour, talked to Galya again, worked on sheet music.

Played chess with Kalich, and went to sleep after 6 am.

Friday, 15 December 2000

Out with Marina

Woke up way too late, but way too early - I didn't get nearly enough sleep! Dressed up quickly and went to the Academy.

Had a Music History lesson which was quite interesting, talked to the teacher about me getting some recordings for the Academy.

Gave my notebook to Misha to copy stuff. Said he'll return it soon.

Went to Analysis lesson, quite cool, I'm getting better at recognising simple forms; we studied complex forms today.

Went back to the Academy, and saw Marina. Talked to her for a bit. Apparently she won't be able to come to my concert, because she has one as well!

I got myself a key (the last one they had).. The room had no light! So I practiced in darkness, and composed a bit. Quite interesting results.

Saw Marina several times, until we decided to go home. Well we didn't. We went walking - from the Academy, through Arbat, to the Red Square. A hungry little child was selling big roses at the square; I bought her a white one. :) We went up the Tverskaya street for another half hour until reached the metro, and after some walking around, parted inside the station. She went one way - I went the other. Generally, we both enjoyed it a lot, talked a bit about each of us going home to our loved ones.

Gosh, it took me a month to persuade her to go for a walk! Geez.

I went home.

Talked to Ira a bit, downloaded some music of Torelli's and went to sleep at 3 am.

Thursday, 14 December 2000

Discussion with Galya

Woke up at 12:30, and went to the Academy. Had a piano lesson. Great news - the exam I had last week apparently didn't go as bad as I thought, in fact it went quite well, and I'm getting a 5 for Piano this semester!

I practiced piano for half an hour and had a composition lesson which went well.

I didn't see Marina at all. Went to the Conservatoire and bought two tickets for a concert on Sunday. Then went home.

Practiced violin, did some work on sheet music.

Galya came online and we discussed our, or my, main problems in our relationship until 3 pm.

Wednesday, 13 December 2000

Ira listens to the final mix

Woke up at 3 pm. Worked on the final mix of the song "Ira" during the afternoon.

Ira was online and listened to the song, and read a poem of mine. Quite cool.

At night, did some composing and played chess with Kalich. Talked to Sveta about our individual personal relationships with our girl- and boy- friends.

Went to sleep towards 7 am.

Tuesday, 12 December 2000


Woke up with throat pain. Spent the day gathering information on Torelli - compiled a pretty extensive list of compositions.

Dad's gone to Kazakhstan.

Me - not fully recovered by the end of the day, but on the way there.

Monday, 11 December 2000

Out with mum and dad

Woke up braindead, got up later than later. Composed in C major, did some more solfedge homework, and went to the Academy for Composition lesson. No driver.

Had a lesson, 2 bars out of the 20 new ones were fine.

Had Solfedge an hour later. Saw Marina just before. Received messages from Ira's mobile - from Oleg. Disgusting.

Solfedge went ok - got three grade '5' for the homeworks. Surprising.

Mum and dad met me after solfedge.

We walked to KFC, I had some food, then we did some shopping and went home.

I have a headache and some type of virus in my throat-nose system.

Talked to Galya late evening.

Sunday, 10 December 2000

Song "Ira" recorded

Woke up midday to the sound of my mobile receiving a message. It turned out to be the 3rd message today. All from Galya.

I spent the day recording the rest of the song "Ira", and completed it. Now, just the final mixing left to do.

Ira gave me an idea about some music to write.

Did some solfedge homework late in the evening. Galya was online, while I worked on the homework, and I didn't want to talk to her.

She then found out I was online through Kalich, and came to IRC, and sent me a message. I saw it soon, and told her to go to sleep. I really didn't wanna talk to her. She didn't believe me - thought I was mocking her. Well, I left soon.

Lay in bed for an hour, and got up. Checked e-mail again, but there was nothing there. :|

Talked to Galya's friend Philip for a while.

Saturday, 9 December 2000

Slept till afternoon, then worked on my latest composition (in C major).

Found out that I can send messages to Ira from my mobile phone, and that she can reply!! That's incredible news. So I swamped her with messages!

Went to the Academy with mum & dad. Took my violin.

I had a short composition lesson, then went to a music shop next to the Academy and bought a shoulder rest (also called a 'bridge') for the violin. Checked if Marina's there, she wasn't. I asked if she was there at all today - yeah. Good.

Met mum and dad outside, and we drove to a massive shoes shop. After half an hour of looking at shoes, I bought myself a cool pair of Adidas mountain shoes. Also, bought a pair of SONY headphones, very cool, 8-23,000 Hz!

During the whole day sent and received messages to and from Ira.

After we came back home, we (mum, dad and I) went for a walk. On the way back, received a message from Ira, actually Galya wrote it, so from Galya then. :)

Later, Galya was at Ira's, and so was Oleg, and they came online. Oleg and I chatted for quite long, until he and Galya left. Then Ira and I talked for a while, and Galya came online, from her place already.

Galya started to tell Ira stuff, and ask her stuff about things I have no idea about, and didn't care to explain to me. That didn't feel nice, I felt out of place, and decided to leave the chat. There was an awkward situation when Galya asked me where I was going. Well I left. Then there was a stupid misunderstanding with Ira, which quickly resolved.

Galya and I chatted for a while, cheered me up a bit, I even read my poem to her. But then... Then, realisation dawned.

And she left!

I felt really bad for a few hours, till fell asleep.

Friday, 8 December 2000

Ira listens to the song

In the morning, practiced the Sonata and went to the Academy. There, got a room for 10 minutes before the exam.

Then, damn it, the teacher was late by an hour. I waited and waited and waited, and got slightly nervous. Or slightly more than that. And by the time she arrived... Uh. The exam didn't go too well. Don't know my grade yet.

I spent 2 hours writing a poem, and then went to Forms lesson. It didn't go as enjoyable as it did last few times, but ok.

I came back to the Academy and went to see Marina. She was practicing in a room with no light (due to repairs). I said hello, and left her be, and spent another hour finishing the poem. Then came back to her and we talked for a bit and I read it to her, and then gave it to her. Cool. But I was still upset about the day, not that I showed it.

I went home by metro.

Mum and I went for a walk, did two circles - about an hour.

I went online and Ira came soon, with Oleg, and we chatted for a few minutes. Then they left.

Late evening, she came back, and we talked again. She had a listen to a part of NS3, and said it was scary.. And it is!

Then went to sleep.

Thursday, 7 December 2000

Waking up was a problem. I kept shutting the alarm off, readjusting it for later. Instead of 9:30, I got up towards 11, still very sleepy - but I had to.

So I was very rushed, and tired, and sleepy, and didn't wanna do anything, really. Did some composing, practiced piano and went to the Academy.

Had a piano lesson - played Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique - the teacher was satisfied and suggested I have it examined tomorrow. I didn't argue. I'm not as ready as I could be in 2 weeks time, but enough. Also played Bach's Concerto No. 1. The teacher liked the way I feel the music. :)

Then I saw Marina, and talked to her for a bit. Then she got a room, and practiced violin, while I had a composition lesson.

It went ok. First we went through the finished Fantasia and corrected a few things, then he saw my morning's work, which was not much.

I went back to Marina and we talked some more. I played her violin a bit. Very cool.

Then I got myself a room and practiced, for about 2 hours. And went home.

Mum, dad and I went for a walk.

When we came back, I did the corrections to the Fantasia on the computer, and printed it out again, then put the score on my site, along with the music on MIDI.

Wednesday, 6 December 2000

Spent the afternoon typing out my finished C. 3 No. 2 on the computer, and then printed it - maybe it will be played on a concert on the 22nd.

Galya and Ira spent the day in Jerusalem, my messages to Galya's mobile didn't go through. They both came online in the evening and we talked. Ira left soon. Galya got upset towards the end, and left. I wrote a poem, and went to sleep at 4 am.

Tuesday, 5 December 2000

1st lesson: Instruments

Woke up late. Made up with mum, and went to the Academy. Had a new lesson: study of instruments - for the first time. Very cool. And went straight home afterwards. Saw Marina by the way, but she didn't see me I think.

Mum, dad and I went for a walk.

Galya came online in the evening, and we talked for a bit.

Ira came online, a bit somber mood, then left. Galya left soon afterwards. They're going on a trip to Jerusalem. What fun.

Chatted to Nathan. He appreciated my new song. Cool.

Monday, 4 December 2000

Woke up at 10, but decided to sleep for another hour. Then got up and until 3 pm worked on my compositions.

Mum wasn't home; she left dinner on the table, but I didn't eat from it.

Went to the Academy, and had a composition lesson. It went extremely well. I was satisfied; the teacher liked what I spent a lot of time on, and had ideas for correction for the stuff that I didn't spent much time on - that's how it should be.

Then I saw Marina. The poor girl is a bit ill.

I went to solfedge. The teacher is a bit ill too. So she just checked our homeworks, gave us more, we sang some exercises, and that's it. I got two '5' grades for my homework.

Then got myself a key for a room and practiced for an hour, then went to see Marina. Wished her good health and left.

Went to the office and phoned Ira and Galya. It's been long since I've heard Ira's voice; she was quite cheerful and we talked for some 10 minutes; hehe, discussed her dreams, ooh.. :) Galya was even more cheerful, hehe. Isn't that cool? Told me about her driving experience.. Then I had to go ..

Went home.

Galya came online in the evening, and we chatted till very late. Lots of problems still.

Ira was online too for a brief few minutes.

Sunday, 3 December 2000

A day of silence

During the afternoon recorded the chorus to my song, spent about 4 hours on it. Was depressed, thought a lot about how everyone is getting some message across, and how the message is usually so different from what I expected them to see. Now, with dad, he just acts, then thinks about what he'd done, but won't admit to making a mistake, and so it's stalemate. But mum - mum could at least be more patient. She just asks me if I wanna talk. No, I don't. So a few hours later she just comes to my room to tell me that if I don't want them here, then they'll move out. Very tactful. Yucks.

Then this message from Galya got me thinking. Then I suddenly saw what she was thinking. It's frustrating, this jealousy.

First, didn't she say she was liberal, and second, didn't I say I was monogamous? And why now..?

When I went online, all I found was one sentence from Galya. Heh. That was a reply to a long long message I sent yesterday about how I miss her. Mark, this sentence had nothing to do with us!

I really needed to talk to someone. I hadn'd talked to anyone - online or in real life - for two whole days!

But there was nobody there.

I was in the kitchen when dad came out of his room and started talking to me. I wasn't in the mood, but I got my message across to him - that he did wrong and I'm not going to suffer because of his changes of mood.

Then I went to the forest. It was 21:00. Dad went with me. For the first hour I was silent, he just talked occasionally, I kept thinking. In the end he admitted that he makes mistakes too and that he won't disconnect me from the net, and blah blah. In the last hour of our walk, I got less upset, and we talked about relationships and stuff. Hmm.

Now look what mum's done. There was no conflict between me and her, and now when the scandal with dad has calmed down, mum and I don't communicate.

Saturday, 2 December 2000

A scandal, again

Woke up at 11 again. Planned to go to Composition lesson, but didn't. Had a slight headache too.

Then ... a scandal with dad. He disconnected the modem from the computer and took it. Then he and mum went out.

So I dressed up and went out too. That was 16:30.

Walked alone in the forest for about 2:30 hours, composing music in my head, and came back.

Dad was at the computer, and the modem was where it should be. I disconnected it, and gave it to him and told him to get lost.

Then I locked myself in my room, and lay in bed for 10 minutes. Then got up, connected the modem cable to my internal modem, and got on the net.

Got a message from Galya, asking for explanations. Again.

I'm not going to explain. Not this time.

Friday, 1 December 2000

Woke up at 11 - got almost 7 hours of sleep. Went to the Academy and had a Music History lesson. We watched an opera again - by Monteverdi, again - this time, an earlier one called "Orfeo". Quite interesting.

Then I had a Musical Forms lesson at the teacher's house. That was very interesting. I enjoy such stuff.

Then went home.

Galya came online soon, and we talked for a bit, but then she decided to go. I stayed online for several hours more, waited. Ira came online, and we talked for an hour or so. Ira's cool.

Went to sleep a bit after 1 am.