Roni's Journal

Friday, 16 May 2003

The long (-awaited) update!

I love you all, but my time shortage isn't showing any signs of end soon. I'm getting more and more busy every second. What with all the work, studies, and Olüshka getting heavier by the second...

The only one I constantly keep in touch with is Kalich, and thanks to him for nightly support!

My birthday went quite extraordinary, with us having just rented a new flat: we invited my parents and my voice teacher, Konstantin Lissovsky, along with his wife. The evening was superb, and everyone enjoyed it to the full. Thank you everyone for your presents: Mr. Lissovsky brought a precious CD of a silver edition, an opera sung by him; Olüshka’s present was a digital 3mp Nikon camera, CoolPix E885; my parents’ present was an ancient-Rome-style clock built-in under a Taurus statue. Olya’s mother decided that $100 would be better than buying anything, and thanks to her for that. Grandfather Dima from San Francisco transferred $500, which is a huge sum, with his support for my new family, my thanks to him dearly. Paul, my lil' bro, is in the army, protecting your lives, hail to him! Thanks for greetings. Special thanks go to Sveta, Juliya, Galya and Ira for their greetings. And a late thanks to Kalich ;)

The spring is quite here: 22 ºC outside, and sunny. It’s 15 May: Happy Birthday today goes to my dear mother. She is to arrive in Moscow today, along with dad.

Nathan is growing day by day inside Olüshka. He now responds to my talking and singing to him, in addition to touch. His favourite song is “Twinkle, twinkle little star” (with all the 12 Mozart variations). Giving birth in a Russian birth-centre is not on the agenda: we’re planning a do-it-yourself at home. The date remains 17 August.

Studies are continuing, but slowly. I’m composing a lot, which is good, and polyphony is taking second rank, as I have transferred (myself) to a different teacher, J. Evdokimova, an exceptional musician, in my view. Vocal studies, with Mr. Lissovsky, too are going very very well, I reckon. B-flats showing up every other lesson, and A’s – a must. But that’s not the most important thing: my diaphragm is learning too, and soon, together with its help, we might be getting some new decibel highs. As for piano, I have been unable to attend any lessons this semester, with my left hand overplayed. I’m not supposed to be playing, but that’s impossible. Mozart’s Adagio & Fugue (K. 426) was on the program, and I managed to perform it right at the start of the semester. Olüshka was on the other grand piano, and it went surprisingly crisp. Today, I’m playing Mozart ’s c-minor Piano Concerto (K. 491). Frank’s violin sonata has been rescheduled to next year, perhaps. I recently bought an ancient wood flute, and now learning to play it on my own.

New compositions include: Lento lamentoso in b-flat minor, Suite in D-major (Allemanda only so far), Classical Variations on the “Happy Birthday” theme in F-major, two improvisations (C-major and B-major) planned to be a cycle of 12 or 24. The Flute Sonata in A-major is going to take a long time to write, so don’t hold your breath just yet.

I’m getting more and more involved with my new job. The salary is still $500 a month, but I expect it to go up next month, for I’m doing a very good job, seems to me. For those, who don’t know, I work on the site. Initially, my task was to proofread English texts, written or translated by Russian technicians, in the Data-Bank section. New tasks were assigned to me last month: now I’m responsible for proofreading news, and adding hundreds of companies to the Products/Uses section.

Masha is turning three next month, and behaves like it. Her first English word was “eat”, and now, after learning to read the digital clock, she goes to bed at the right time every day. She’s fond of composing on the piano: her new hobby is parallel thirds in both hands. She can also play several tunes already. Organ seems to be her favourite instrument. Her perfect pitch has been obvious even a year ago, and our latest and greatest g-minor Grasshopper song cleared any doubts, if anyone had them. Today she sings crystal clean, with more than 30 songs in her arsenal.

Poor Bazhena (my cat) is calling for a mate, but kittens in August just wouldn’t be very appropriate, sorry.

I must admit, poetry has taken a back seat these days, and if only someone had been reminding me to rhyme some up..!

Today’s listening included Buxtehude’s organ works: now, who said that Bach was the greatest composer of all times? Listen to Buxtehude, will you?

My new obsession is the creation of a new grand music school, and I have been writing about it to some of you. After talking to several “professionals” on the subject, and getting the green light on the idea, it’ s time to realise it. I might start taking up pupils in the next few months.