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Friday, 20 April 2007

Ariadne of Naxos

Ariadne of Naxos, yesterday, was an amazing experience! The production was very well done, and very interesting. It was semi-modern, but clever, and so, as much as music allowed, it was not to have been bored by.

Among the performers were Stephanie Houtzeel (!) as the Composer, Hen Reiss, the Israeli coloratura, with a fantastic performance as Zerbinetta, Stuart Skelton as Bacchus, and two Austrians - Paul Armin Edelmann as Harlequin, and Georg Tichy as the Music-Master, both well-known in the 'Ariadne' performance world. The music is simpler than I expected, all the better. However, there are passages in the opera, especially towards the end, that are outstretched far more than the energetic pace of the opera could allow for, thus creating these Wagner-filled rubber-like scenes, which, to my taste, Strauss could have done without. But this is said from a critical point of view, and also depends largely upon the production itself.

On Friday we have a 'final rehearsal' before the small concert on Saturday. The audience will probably be around 7 or 8 people, and the programme is as planned, including Schubert's Impromptus.

I am already planning pieces for the next concert, which I hope will be attended by more "prestigious" people, including my violin teacher, a friend of my mother's from the Opera house..

The choices are still to be decided, but I'm learning Chopin's A-minor Étude "Vent d'hiver" and Rachmaninoff's G minor Prelude on piano, Buxtehude's F-sharp minor Prelude (the one with two fugues) on organ (although the pedal notes would be played by the left hand, and so the right hand is sometimes preoccupied with duodecimae), Bach's Violin Concerto in A-minor and a Sonata by Corelli on violin (Olya will accompany on piano). Also, I hope Mary can learn Beethoven's famous Bagatelle in A-minor, known as "Für Elise" (which really was Für Therese!)..

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