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Monday, 23 April 2007

Arts Evening

On Friday we had a 'Final Rehearsal' for the concert, with several friends coming. It was ok, we didn't play perfectly. But yesterday, on the actual 'concert', or "Arts Evening", we played much better.

The music programme was:

A. Scarlatti: Aria "Son Tutta Duolo"
Piano: Olya
Voice: Roni

W. A. Mozart: Minuet in C
Piano: Mary

S. Rachmaninoff: Vocalise
Piano: Olya
Violin: Roni

F. Schubert: Impromptus in Ges-dur
Piano: Roni

Several friends came and a few relatives. It is hopefully going to be a start of a long tradition, on the lines of what Rimsky-Korsakov used to have in his house - concerts every two weeks with a diversity of the best musicians appearing in his house in the course of many years. But to add to the music, we decided to have an "art gallery" of latest works by Olya and anyone wishing to join. In fact, one of my good friends brought her paintings as well, and I put up a few of my mother's paintings too, and so it was great fun after the music part of the evening to have everyone join to look at around 25 paintings that went on display!

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