Roni's Journal

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Twenty-first century

Children's trifles turned to gallants'
Arrogance! O, glory's light!
Each – a poet! each – a wright!
Age of disregarded talents.

Mountains of publications
Never-ending: fleeting blare
Runs through magazines, on-air.
Age of aimless informations.

Charge of words as grand dominions
Strikes! – by lips of wise men's rules –
Self-proclaimed! An age of fools,
Individual opinions.

Figures, statues, models, titles,
Busts in rows of shelves. A sage –
Each, for us – fanatics! Age
Of celebrities, of idols.

Splash in instant bubble-boil:
Classes, dramas, gyms, intrigues –
Impulses. Amusement ticks!
Age of laziness, untoil.

Christen: fashion inexultance –
Nonsense! values – dreary doom!
Happiness – in urban gloom!
Age of countless consultants.

Pestant art! servisant glistence!
Flavour! newness! – masquerade
Joys of momentary fate.
Age of meaningless existence.

Day – aglimpse! each minute – quickened!
Worries! worries! – all concern
Glitter, bluster. Age of yearn
For financial achievement.

Yours! – a legacy eternal
Promised rashly by the quill!
All! – are welcome to the mill
Of the twenty-first centerna!

(translated from Russian)


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