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Thursday, 6 April 2006

Schumann's quotes

I have just watched and listened to three of Schumann's symphonies (1st, 3rd and 4th) performed by Wiener Philharmoniker with Leonard Bernstein, on Mezzo. That was one amazing conductor.

I was surprised to hear in the finale of the first symphony – a quote from Kreisleriana's last movement! What was it supposed to mean?

As far as I know, in Kreisleriana Schumann links himself together musically with Clara, and it is interesting to hear it here suddenly, right after the gentle main theme, which is like a "farewell to spring". Also, the quote (played by oboe and clarinet(?) with pizz strings) is immediately followed by another (so obviously also) quote, in unison tutti, which I didn't recognize (?), and then the second part of the Kreisleriana quote, and then again the other one. I wonder where the second quote comes from. After that the main theme turns more tragic. The quotations return at least twice more later. Fascinating and puzzling at the same time.

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